Tribe Events Calendar – Open Event, Organizer and Venue in New Window

Tribe Events Calendar is a very user friendly plugin, and I highly recommend it for WordPress beginners.

Within the WordPress backend, Tribe’s settings and posts do not have an option to customize the Website URL, Organizer URL, and Venue URL to make them open in new windows.

They do offer instructions for this on their website, along with other extensive documentation.

add_filter( 'tribe_get_event_website_link_target', 'target_for_new_window' );
add_filter( 'tribe_get_organizer_website_link_target', 'target_for_new_window' );
add_filter( 'tribe_get_venue_website_link_target', 'target_for_new_window' );
function target_for_new_window() {
	return '_blank';

Sourced here.

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