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Facebook has partnered with McAfee to keep malware, spam, and offensive content off of their social network, and as such, have begun blocking websites and IP addresses that turn up malicious results, or are reported by users.

This doesn’t always go according to plan, and sometimes websites that have passed scans are mistakenly blocked without the website being notified. I recently ran into this issue, and had a very difficult time trying to find cohesive documentation to resolve it.

There are several discussion threads on Facebook communities talking about the issue, but few people seem to know how to solve the problem.

I found this article, which outlines very helpful steps and a timeline to get everything wrapped up.

  1. Scan your website to see if there is any malicious content, and respond accordingly.
  2. Contact Facebook and plead your case
  3. Wait a few days – they have millions of users. It could be a little while.
  4. If everything is fine, Facebook will unblock you in approximately 24 hours. Submit a second request if 24 hours has passed, and your site is still blocked.

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