Redirect Custom Post Types by Taxonomy Term Using Template Redirect

Based off of this WordPress codex reference function


Redirect Logged Out Users:

function my_page_template_redirect() {

    if( is_page_template( 'page-members.php' ) && ! is_user_logged_in() ) {

        wp_redirect( home_url( '/signup/' ) );




add_action( 'template_redirect', 'my_page_template_redirect' );

Redirect Custom Post Types

Use this in instances where your Custom Post Types are being used to bring data into a template page and contain small amounts of information in the individual posts.

Examples of usage with Custom Post Type:

  • Banner / carousel
  • Widget / call to action
  • Testimonials / quotes
add_filter('template_redirect', 'term_link_filter', 10, 3);

function term_link_filter( $url, $term, $taxonomy ) {

    // redirect single banner
	if( is_singular('banner')) {
        wp_redirect( home_url() ); // home page or URL where carousel appears

    // redirect single testimonial
	if( is_singular('testimonial')) {
        wp_redirect( home_url('/testimonials') ); // testimonial URL
    // redirect single widget
	if( is_singular('widgets')) {
        wp_redirect( home_url() ); // home page or URL where call to action appears


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